martes, junio 21, 2005

Ms. T will be mom!

Ms. T will be mom
Of her sweetest song
For once, in this world
Nothing seems (me) wrong…

Water melon
And bed
If before i could see no more than nails
Now, they would be fairy unicorns instead.

Dreamy fingers
And hum
My love, if you think that you have seen all
Sit down and wait for the big big big bump.

1 cosas que no pueden esperar...

At 4:45 a. m., Anonymous Anónimo me confesó que...

"Ode to a fairy"

Who knows?
If it wasn’t for you
Perhaps your poem
Wouldn’t even be true
Tiny person
Lost in space
A split second
That never happened
And all for a pretty face
A thousand promises
Gone to waste
But a fairy steps in
And reminds us that
Real love exists
That it's not easy
But it's worth the fight
And sometimes even the
Strongest soldiers
Wake up at night
Fearing not death
But life
So thank you fairy
For using your magic wand
To turn on the light


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